Using the internet on The Shoe Diet
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I wasn't looking to get off Instagram. Slowly it happened, little by little, or, less by less scrolling of my feed that is, each day, until I was, unofficially, Instagram unfed.

It began with a day so busy that I couldn't come up for air. A whole half day (you do the math, sometime half of a day needs to be specified as a long ass time) of not looking at pretty pictures of outfits, kids, and dogs. I wondered what I was missing out on, until my work load slammed back into me, causing, yet again, time away from my internet world. That evening I dared myself to stay off Instagram that entire night. I caught up on news instead. That was when the pope was in visiting the U.S., and I was deeply following papal movements - first pope to address congress! Pope Francis says to go green! Go Mother Nature! Go Christianity! ( I never thought I would say that last one, no offense to anyone, but I was raised Jewish) I was hooked, and soon fully able to go to sleep reading up on my new BFF Francis, Christianity, what they were up to and what that means for the western world. I peppered in local news, especially event coverage and restaurant openings since my fiancee is doing that. Excited and curious friends sent me Raj-filled articles on the subject making my heart (and stomach) beam. Proudly, I posted those on Facebook.

Vincent caught up on is analog reading as well
Vincent caught up on his analog reading as well

So aside from Facebook, I wasn't socializing Internet-ly at all. It felt good, and I was getting better at it.  Plus, I was busy. My mother was in town, and I really did have a bunch of wedding shit I had to do. I in fact, had a new lease on analog life, I was experiencing life in real time and not pausing before to post as I lived.

If I could I do it for a whole day, than could I do it for a week, maybe for a whole month? Month-long commitments are on the rise, there is mustaches and leg hairs for Movember, beard growing for Decembeard, Dry January, etc. And if month-mitments are on trend, I wanted in. So I coin, to you now, No-Gram-tober.

Studies show that 28 days is the time it takes to make or break a habit, thus the positive month-mitments. A month away from alcohol tends tends to lower overall alcohol consumption (and reduce liver fats by 15 percent), a month committed to a fuzzy face, opening the discussion of men's health for a solid month will prioritize your prostate (or a prostate you love). What would a month off of Instagram do? Would you appreciate your vacation more instead of comparing it to someone elses? Will you really really TGIF? Or brunch without snap-chat abandon?

If you are wondering, do the deed and No-gram-tober yourself. You won't be sorry, if fact you'll be mysterious and sexy. Note the few observations I made:

 1) You might become happier 

2) Perhaps a lot happier

3) Being fully wine'd and tunes into the world around you leads to a fuller life. Social media is allegedly purposed to socialize, but my time on it makes me, well, less social. Instagram is hella work. Whether you realize the chores that are applied to your brain and thumbs or are naturally savvy, the posting process involves creative direction, photography, styling, photo curation, applying/editing commentary, hashtag analytics, etc. and that's a lot for my brain of wine.

4) Life goes on. People will still text you cute pictures of their dogs/kids/fiancee putting a whole slice of cake in their mouth. And if they don't, when you see them there will be a lot to scroll up on. 

Photography by Cooper Brown Studios