An essay on fun

Having fun on The Shoe Diet
Check out my outfit that's been likened to Fred Flintsone

In this modern world of paying bills, day jobs, and political debates (Hi Deez Nuts) can we allow ourselves to just have fun?

Adult life isn't easy. Take this morning for example: my alarm goes off at 7 a.m. Normally I wouldn't be dragging as much as I am today, but last night I watched a scary documentary the kept me up half the night despite the 200 pounds of guard dog sleeping next to me. And what was my early wake up for? A gynecology appointment. To be poked and prodded at even before my morning coffee. That's adulthood. No Noxema commercial here, as Cher Horowitz would say, just a way normal adult life.

But remember all the parental threats about doing whatever you wanted when you turned eighteen? What if we only did things for fun? Isn't that what we as millennials do? YASSSS! All the time, even in the workplace. If a career calls for waking up early, we say fuck it, a watch doesn't go with this outfit. And that outfit, my office is a 'suit optional' zone.  So, now that we are wearing whatever we want and working when we want to, what is it that we "do?" With freelancing and entrepreneurship on the rise, motivators like experience and happiness are beating out financial factors.  If you are like me, then you've found something where you have made an impact. As I do, helping my friends, er, clients, get dressed.

Having fun on The Shoe Diet

Having fun has been a mantra of mine. If it's not fun, I'm not having it. I know you don't want to talk about not having fun, as I don't, but a lass has to do the writing that's required, and in an essay about 'having fun!' NOT having fun is as much part of that equation. 

So, when the blog went through its growing pains, like a teething toddler, I tried to reason with it. I went so far as offering to buy it a pony, but the blog didn't buy it. We were both getting grumpy for a while there, which is when I remembered my "have fun!" mantra. Neither of us (the three of us if you include the pony) were, and something had to give. 

Teasing out the blog's features, I had to separate and assess The Shoe Diet's assets: 1) I have no boss 2) I get to style 3) I get to write. What was lacking was my fashion-enthusiasm. I was burnt out. Between planning my wedding and starting another year of A Couture Cause, my styling was getting less fizz that last weekend's left out champagne.

I simply cannot have my cake and style it too, as a great metaphor as that is, I had to pick my wedding cake. And going back to what I would do if I was freed from all responsibility, I chose to have fun. I needed to put my cake-making-eggs back in The Shoe Diet basket. I put two kick ass years into making that calendar, and know it's going to take off with or without me. So, in conjunction with my sanity, sleep, and most importantly, making jokes, as a non-multi-tasking, non-baking adult, I'm picking blogging and wedding to juggle. Or at least until this bouquet gets tossed.

Wardrobe courtesy of Tootsies
Photography by Cooper Brown Studios