A new breed of chic flick

Happy day-after-Mother's-Day to all the moms out there and those that were made one. I was able to spend it telephone conversationally with my mother by birth, and in person with my future in-laws. Luckily for me, they were fully supportive of my idea to watch a movie chosen strictly on the gender of the director, maybe because it's the mom-gender, but we had a laugh-out-loud roaring good time. Therefore I recommend you to run, don't walk, and catch up with hilarious frienemy duo Witherspoon and Vargara. If you don't feel motivated by the lone fact that the movie is directed by a woman, which is how I blindly chose it, then do it for female camaraderie. We all have seen the girl movies where A. women are pitted against each other, funny yet stinging, with punch lines mostly involving spinsterhood. B. movies where Sarah Jessica Parker is a (very funny) witch C. sing-a-longs D. all of the above. Hot Pursuit really bonds two characters with two-stooges silliness, Batman/Robin crime fighting, the adorableness of a sleeping kitten and duckling meme, with some wrestling. (Some trivia that I stumbled apron: Vargara was so rough during a fighting scene that she sent Whitherspoon to the hospital with a popped ovary) And let me clarify that the female on female handling, that it lacked anything reminiscent of a burger commercial, mud pit, or greasy bikini bodies. Just, some good ol' fashion knee slapping, chasing a friend around with a baseball bat humor. So, to sum it up, a refreshing and modern take on a forced female friendship. Kuddos to you funny ladies, and way to take one ovary for womankind Reese.