A move toward connoisseurship

Black and white Valentino inspired outfit on The Shoe Diet
B;ack and white outfit inspired by Valentino, Rachael Zoe, and and handful of other mod movement makers, booties inspired by Chanel's classic cap toe, Jerome Dreyfuss bag, Lanvin sunglasses.

Has American Apparel commenced an argument for more than disco pants? With the normal dust that has been kicked up by the cool kid brand involving around sexual misconduct, I smell a need for brand romanticism. Cherney's image stinks. Big fast fashion lines like Abercrombie, The Gap, and Jcrew don't have coolness in their image, so where are we getting our threads?

Black and white Valentino inspired outfit on The Shoe Diet

Anyone can get dressed. Really. A shirt and bottoms, eternally and universally, one leg at a time. Though, not everyone can romanticize what it is they are wearing. When you hear the inspiration behind Valentino's latest collection, or that Brunello Cuchinelli's factory serves six course lunches, that's romanticizing. When you talk about your outfit at a party, over lunch, or in an Instagram caption, that's the story you want to tell. A story of innovation in America, or generations of Italian craftsmanship, that's what your shop girl or blogger sells to you, and in turn becomes your conversation. Even the-look-for-less is fueled by innovation.  When I get the look for less, which I often do (but thinking of pulling the plug on) I'll recount the inspiration that's behind it.

What you're wearing, or what fashion you're buying , becomes what you're doing. 

And what better of a place to get it than from a connoisseur?

Consider this: a friend of mine recently was written up on Food & Wine for her impeccable cocktail crafting. What I found remarkable was that her and her colleague pointed their readers to get their bar tools from niche retailers that could completely set them up. What a breath of fresh booze-breath to not click on a list of linked sponsored gadgets. They want you to do is see the connoisseurs, spend mediatory time in the lab one-on-one hands on with the chemistry prof. 

 I could digress that you can't get a culinary degree online, and then trail off further by saying you can't put lipstick on ramen noodles and feel like you've had a Michelin star restaurant experience. You are what you eat, what you make your drinks with, and what you wear. Whether it's romantic or not.

Photography by Cooper + Ricca  
Accessories courtesy of Saint Cloud Boutique