Tamar's trend encyclopedia


These are some things I like to wear and how I interpret them.

Sweatshirts- Comfortable/approachable/the opposite of haute coutre. I'm hoping people remember that I wore them when the trend hits. Also can be seen as athletic.

Lady Tux- Powerful. Sexy. Gender bender. Duh.

Shorts- Who doesn't want to see some leg? Can be modified to be worn year round. A way to insure you won't flash your crotch.

Denim on denim- Ranging regionally. Here in Texas probably reminiscent of the livestock show and rodeo.

Boyfriend jeans- These make it seem like I stole my boyfriend's pants. If you don't have a boyfriend you probably won't get one wearing these (note to self)

Jumpsuit- What makes me feel like a super hero turns out being an extreme peeing nightmare.

Overalls- No ass cleavage, ever.

Harem pants- Provides crotch breathing room and a tapered leg.