How to win 2015

Shot by Traci Ling

Here are some things I aim to do in 2015

1. Drink more water. I'd love to get a gallon in daily. For one, I hear hydration pushes out facial wrinkles, and second, it cures hangovers.

2. Give up fur. I've already given up eating non-humanely treated meat, so this is a natural animal-welfare-pregression. Anyway, faux fur looks and feels so good these days.

3. Try things out for 30 days. Want to make a life change but it seems overwhelming? Small, sure footed steps are much more manageable than grandiose ones. 30 days is a great amount of time to make (biking to work) or break (giving up smoking) a habit, and you can do anything for just 30 days. Having monthly goals will ensure that 2015 won't pass you by too quickly without accomplishments and memories, like stories that I'm sure you'll accumulate trying out these new things.

4. Invest financially in myself, or what I callThe Life Enrichment Diet. How many times have you wished you had learned how to play the harmonica as a kid? It's not too late - you can do it now! I have no idea how much classes of the nature would cost, but you're worth it, and I'm worth it too <3