a resolution recap

Raj, Sarah, and I, walking toward a charming Croatian winery.

Party people are gathered 'round in their finest, or maybe just their shiniest. Drinks are all in hand. Silly glittered 2014 glasses take centers a top the crowns of sizzled instagrammers. The count down begins to ring in the new year. This is not normally a time where I'm evaluating how to better myself. What can make me take a look at the wo(man) in the mirror is a change of scenery, good people, and moving literature.

Last summer I met up with my old best friend from high school to vacation on some Croatian Islands with her, me, Raj, and her husband, Peter. Her and Peter live in Germany and have a much different day-to-day life than Raj and I have. She designed toys (YES that is a real job and YES it requires a really hard to get to get degree.) They refuse to get a car, thus, they walk everywhere. They have been vegetarians for years. Not the way things are normally done in Texas.

I also was staying on a little island where I walked to fresh market every morning, swam in the sea every afternoon, and had local wine and fish every evening. I read an experimental self-help book cover to cover...you know...a perfect mind opening vacation combination.

Getting back, I came to Texas with a list of things of life changes in a post here about mid-year resolutions. Well, it's December 5th and I want to see how I have measured up.

1. Eat less meat. I'm happy to say that I have excelled in my less-meat diet. I have made very few exceptions in eatingmeat, poultry, and fish from sources that aren't reputable in the treatment of animals. It's been a really easy and fulfilling life adjustment.

2. Blog more. I haven't kept my commitment to blog every day, but I have blogged better. I am now planning my posts more as a collaboration (read: party) with my compadres Lynds of L. Avenue and photographer Traci.

3. Walk to work. Nope. After one week I thought I was go ingot get what stroke. You can maybe travel by foot in Germany but not so much in the swamp I call home.

4. Use actions. I think so, but those might just be my words talking....

5. Use the nice soap. ...yes...and the nice perfume, the nice wine, and the nice towels are all being utilized :)

I'm even contemplating making some more posi life changes in time for the big ball drop on Dec. 31st. Will you be making any New Year's resolutions?