From Boyfriend Jeans To Boyfriend Rings


Because I've always wanted to do what the boys were doing, or maybe because I found such inspiration in this Vouge article, I wanted to write some praise for the plain wedding band. Was it the first Sex in the City movie circa '08 where Carrie sports a plain band and very gleefully self describes herself as "not like very other girl?" Like boyfriend jeans, jackets, and watches, can't we adopt this look from our male cohorts too?

I'm not in any way putting down the big bling engagement ring, or diamonds at all. I love diamonds. I love green diamonds, yellow diamonds, black diamonds, white diamonds etc, but I can think of PLENTY of other jewlery to put them in, I just don't know anyone personally that's done the no-bling-ring and think it's tres chic to play tom-boy on this one.