Privacy Pussy Control


Illustration from Birdy & Me by Kelly Smith.

Cats and the internet, they were made for each other, better than any other coupling that my really smart friend I'm sitting with and I can think of. But what happens when the anonymity of the internet becomes a physical location?

Enter, a website that fishes pictures or kitties from photo sharing websites and generates a map of the location of where the image was taken. That's right, a map of your apartment and your feline companion could be one of the one million-plus public cat pictures. Their goal is simple: "to point out the ease of access to data and photos on the web. We sought to showcase how readily available social media users’ information and snapshots are to the general public." This obviously exposes a big privacy nerve for social media users of all varieties that aren't privy of "geo" this and that while posting away pictures of kids, homes, vacations, etc. This was a really cute, yet crepppy, wake up call for me and am currently rifling through the privacy settings of my Instagram account so I can keep on hash tagging #trillcitykittyfrom discrete locale. can I find where your cat lives?