Making A Calendar - Shooting the Sh** Ed.


Lyndsey and I goofing off while getting ready for our shot. Makeup by Veronica Hertado.

You can plan, schedule, plan, and plan some more, but inevitably, there is a huge possibility that everything could get screwed up. But it's those moments when I'm finding myself wanting to bang my head on the wall for leaving a motorcycle jacket stuck inside an unopened store during themotorcycle shoot, us cramming two shoots in 13 minutes, even our sisterly fight, I look back on most endearingly with wonder and amazement that it all worked out. And luckily, things always work out for us - really, they do. I can't explain it. Maybe because I didn't have to take chaos theory. Thank you English major. Anyway, I'm happy to report that everyone survived, the motorcycle jacket made it in the shot, and the 13 minutes turned into and hour and a half. Thank you universe, and thank you A Couture Cause team for not murdering me (yet *gulp*)

Now for some behind-the-scene pictures:


It's like stealing a handbag, I mean doll, I mean, whatever you take from babies.


Lunch anyone? Please note the Playdoh.


Monica and her pup, Sicily.


Amee getting Sarah dressed and ready to go.


Lyndsey and I being the mature adults we are and playing with the art on set.

That's a wrap! Stay tuned y'all to see what we come up with (awesomeness) see you then!