Can $$$ Buy Happiness?


Maybe, maybe not, perhaps both, but it can buy expedited shipping. I wrote recently that I've been contemplating happiness, and with that I've decide to spend my money where it matters. We all know that a majority of that is shoes, clothes, rent, and wine, but it's the little things that I've been trying to loosen my tight-wad (cheap a$$) grip on. Now, I don't suggest blowing your entire wad on something superfluous only to stress out about making ends meet, but a little splurge can make a difference. Besides, I've made it a point to have a good time making money, spending it shouldn't be that hard.

Things I recently splurged on:

1) Expedited shipping. I'm so cheap when it comes to things I can't firmly hold in my hands, but time is money, and if I'm spending money on something I want, I should have it when I want it too. Especially if I bought shoes coming all the way from Korea.

2) The Far Side book set. Not the most intellectual collection of books, but if I want to focus on being happy, then what better than with great juvenile satire? These cartoons appease my inner junior, remind me of stupid jokes I started with my brother and bound in cow print, it'll look amazing on my shelf juxtaposed to my really esoteric deep reads (i.e. Eat, Pray, Love and Lean In) too.

3) Renting the documentary Dear Mr. Watterson. It's called art, Tamar, and your preference isn't always the cheap stuff. I have Amazon Prime, and I, without the normal weight of guilt, unrestricted myself one night from the free unlimited movies. It was really worth it for $3.99.

There. Those are my inner arguments I normally have in the privacy of my own head, but honestly, for less money I normally spend on a couple nights out made my week a little bit sunnier, and caught up on a couple nights of rest. Who can argue the value of that?

Have you thought about how can you put your money where it matters? Tell me how you sock it your bank account.