Can Every Day Be Sadie Hawkins Day?


Did you know that Sadie Hawkins day originated from a cartoon? Lil Abner first featured Sadie on November 15, 1937. That's a long time ago y'all, so take some initiative and ask out your dream date today! Or soon! Or at some point!

I got to chat it out recently in a discussion with a high schooler who complained of bring "stressed" asking her date out,. What I should have said was that all dating situations are awkward, puhleeeesase, or whatever the kids are saying these days, but this kid was surprised that I like to go after my own dates.

The truth is, I like to be the asker - getting to decide your date and catching someone off guard, because I find that even a whopping 77 years later, its it still rare for a girl to ask her male companion out? Wikipedia is still calling it "gender-role reversal." On a side note, did you know there's a tradition of women proposing on leap year? (Things you find out strolling through Wikipedia.)

It's a girls' choice world out there. So tell me, have you asked a dude out?