Mid Year Resolutions


Image from Vaughn Fender.

I'm very good at not making resolutions - not on New Year's, not ever. In fact, I don't think much of vocalizing goals, much to the dismay of my employers, running buddies, project partners, etc. That's not to say that I'm lazy but I'm totally ok within an undefined concept of growing. Thus I'm lacking the habit of organizing, visualizing, and strategizing my ideas I have made lists on two different occasions: grocery lists, often, and another time I made a list of potential dates. Both circumstances worked out fantastically; I manage to get my household necessities every time from shopping lists and I got a boyfriend from my potential date list, so, list and goal making therefore works.

This is very evident in Gretchen Rubin's radical Happiness Project where Rubin charts, then divides the year by monthly goals to cover all aspects of her life; i.e. parenthood, marriage, work, friendship, etc. I'm not dedicated to doing a year long experiment, but it did give me a good kick in the pants to look at ruminating ideas I've had.

1. Eat less meat Hiking through Croatia's valleys and hills, my boyfriend and I navigated around homes that kept a small amount of livestock. While he stopped to talk to the locals I crept into their cowshed, and needless to say it wasn't a party. That night I contemplated animal rights and conditions with Raj and our vegetarian guests. When we got back, Raj mentioned that he thought about what I was and was going to cut out non-free-range, humanly treated meat, and you can bet I'm going to follow suit. So long hot dogs!

2. Blog more Since I've started The Shoe Diet I've posted about twice weekly, and mostly in my professional expertise, fashion. I've committed to writing something every day, so I'll be covering other fascinating facets of life, including hair, cats, dogs, pigs, apartments, my nail tech, my dry cleaner, life goals, and more. Stay tuned!

3. Walk to work Because this is my commute. At 1.6 miles I can't believe I hadn't though of it sooner.


4. Use actions as well as words I uphold strong feminist views and I want to make a difference with my pocketbook, so I'm switching to a female gyno. I'm going to support my fellow females wherever I can with my choice of where to dine, drink, shop, etc. I one day want to compile a list of female entrepreneurs in my city for easy reference. Let's do this, girls!

5. Use the nice soap What are you waiting for? I was recently busted not using the soap my boyfriend makes. I felt guilty using it even knowing he would make me more when it ran out and that it's got one hundred percent nicer ingredients than the stuff I keep on hand. I've had customized stationary get ruined or outdated sitting around while I opt for something replaceable and store bought. Use the nice stuff. It's what it's there for.

That's all for now. Do you have any mid year resolutions?