Over Packed Suitcase Disorder


It's more than my suitcase bring disorderly packed. It's also #ootd stress.

As the internet is making not-being-caught-in-the same-outfit-twice one million times more challenging, packing challenges arose - what if you want every pair of shorts you own once you've reached your destination? Tees and tanks for sure, and they don't take up any room, with jeans for sure. Button downs go with both jeans and shorts, but what about something sexy too? Rompers! I'll need all my rompers, and dresses in case we spring for something fancy! Then there's accessories. I won't even mention shoes because it's a sore subject that I packed 54 lbs of clothing without one single pair of heels for the discotheque. That's what shopping is for, right? I can just buy even more here so I can carry a 60 lb. bag all the way up and down and all around the previous country, this country, the next country, to home. If this sounds like you, I'm diagnosing you with #ootd panic syndrome. I do not have any "technical" medical authority to do so, but I feel like an expert on this subject - the things I've gone through to not replicate outfits has been a burden, with even medical repercussions, like that time I pulled my groin carrying my suitcase from Brooklyn to Manhattan. All for some pictures. Well, I better sign off and get snapping - see you via web soon!