Making A Calendar: Year Two Part One

I'm going to give anyone working on a first-of-it's-kind project a piece of advice. Have a prototype. Because a second-of-it's-kind project is 100 times easier. That or Lyndsey and I (finally) got our stars alined. If you can remember, last year my friend challenged me to a joke I made on the internet about wanting to make the opposite of a sexy pin up calendar and use the avant-guard (see volumunios, figure obscuring, at times all denim) garb of our actual preferred wardrobe :


So , we did it! We got our awesome, talented, fashion friends to participate and had a crazy, crazy time. Last year I chronicled it here.

What I'm excited about is that this year we've enlisted (asked very nicely) people who don't know us and our wackiness well or at all. We've shot emails to some bad-to-the-bone ladies that pretty much say "I don't really know you, but come along for this wild ride that we got our closest friends to miraculously pull together once before" and - voila! With pictures, graphics, and other examples of our blood, sweat, and tears, we've wrangled up a whole new crop of Houston's A-listers. They're our new models, PR, media sponsors etc. It's a great outcome for an idea sketched on a bar napkin and I'm happy to have our old and new brain trust we've created to carry this hair brained idea out!


The hard work that Lyndsey I decide ourself to (wine included)


Have we introduced our stylist (we have a stylist!) yet? This is Amee Ly. You might recognize her as November from last year's calendar.


First shoot - model Asli Omar, singer of The Ton Tons with makeup stylist Veronica Hertado. Have you noticed a wine theme?


Reintroducing the ever so talented (and hilarious) photographer Rhonda Hunter. My friend Garrett had a road trip to California to get this sweet vintage ride and we just knew Asli would look like a 70's boss in it.


Our second model, Hasti Taghi, getting outfitted in a self-Audrey style at Laboratoria.


Scoping out the jewels at Tootsies.


Lyndsey getting a little fluff on set.


Our model Lindley being photographed in foliage that would make an atrium jealous.


Behind the scenes. This year we got to shoot at this amazing mansion. Here is who I declared our creative designer and definitely a close confidant, Garrett Hunter.


Image from Rhonda Hunter

Lynds and I testing shots before we put (asked/begged) models on the ground.


Outtake of our shoot with awesome sisters Elizabeth Webster and Lindsey Amiralai.


Philippe Licausi of Urban Retreat and bad-a$$ model Lindsey George.


Our now 50% expanded styling team!


Speaking of teams, the ever cool and glamorous Sarah and Saba Jawda aka Jawda and Jawda are signing on this year with their graphic design expertise.

Thanks for tagging along, and make sure to get a drink with me once we wrap this up. Ok?