A Very Indian Passover


The conception of this ethnic-union dinner idea came long ago. Long before I even snagged my Indian boyfriend, but, didn't I luck out? It was thought up by none other than my mother, at our favorite Indian restaurant. We ran into a friend of mine who she thought was Indian (he's Brazilian, but whatever) and pitched the idea to him hoping he would come, because he's that good looking. I'm sure glad she mistook his cuisine-of-origin - it was a great south-Asian-delicacy-fusion AND I got to wear the sari I had laying around. We invited the Trill City Gang and our parents, who's dietary restrictions dictated a gluten-free, vegetarian, kosher for Passover, Indian style menu. Raj in a matter of days had his recipes dreamt up, consulted, prepped, while I moved every dining furniture piece from both of our apartments and crafted ironic-decaled felt yarmulkes. In the end, we only had one burn (mine) and ran an hour and a half behind schedule, but what are holidays for? It was a fantastic soirée without enough photo evidence.


Passover partners from left: Pedro, Diandra, my dad, Tatiana, and her + Pedro's soon-to-be-arriving baby girl.


Moms Dorit & Rufi as well as home made gluten-free matzoh balls


Home made gluten-free matzoh. Looks different. Still tastes like a stale cracker.


The executive chef + myself


The chef double winking - L'cheim!