Tom & Tams Talk Oscars


Tom Ford, you're pretty good at this.

In a recent interview with Tom Ford, Jimmy Kimmel, dressed in a suit made entirely of rainbow rubber bands, asked the designer about the red carpet. The 5-o'clock-shadow-master Tom answered something to the effect of not digging it - “When you are dressing an actress, or even sometimes someone when they are getting married, you are really working with someone and fulfilling their dream, their agents dream, their husbands dream. They have a preconceived notion of what they want to wear, what they want to look like, how they are marketing this film, and you really making something for them that isn’t particularly creative. What’s worn on the red carpet has nothing to do with what’s going on in temporary fashion. It’s really a kind of bubble of 1950s Barbie clothes.“

Preach on brother! Was this why I never clued in to what the starlets wore for these big award shows? Were my gown-viewing-needs too esoteric? I think if you want to see the mad fashion minds of Albert Abaz, or sexy Yigal, or furry Mandel, then yes, I am way too out there. I'll say it loud and proud.

But why not buy, I mean be given or loaned, something off the runway? If the dress is crazy enough, or if you time it right, you could still have your hands on a one and only creation. And double points if it's a sample, because that means that a model wore it, so you're pretty much a model now too. My most favorite dress wearing experience was when I was brainstorming about what to wear to Houston's fashion week last year. The ever-cool David Peck let me wear a dress that walked the runway the night before. It was fresh on everyone's fashion radars and I got to say I was the first to wear it that wasn't a paid progressional. Just look at me proudly posing the moment David said I could take it out for the night:


But hey, that's me, a crazy art lover that could probably accentuate my waist once in a while.