The Valentine Survival Guide


Beyoncé, Super Power

So you're spending Friday with someone you love, right? It can be daunting to find that special someone to call you valentine, but if you look around, you'll realize the perfect valentine can very well be someone besides Leo Di Caprio, or as I like to call him, Romeo Di Gatsby.

I realized a couple years ago that love as I understood it was really knowing somebody as they are, being used to the little things that only they did, like collecting rubber bands in their food bowl. That may have been a cat, but she was Olive and lovable and completely irreplaceable. If you don't have a valentine, maybe consider spending it with your furry family, as I did last year with my main feline man, Vincent, my sofa, and a nice Dom Perignon vintage. Not to discount your people family - My dad's birthday is V-Day, so I have a lifetime of going together on Feb 14 as a family. I don't recommend it for kids, pre-fixed menus and wine parings, but as an adult I love always having the annual standing date. Hell. He makes a great valentine's dinner companion, birthday or not. As for the friends, one of my favorite valentines I remember was going out for Italian with a big group dressed to the 9s. That should be a thing. Or a house party. With hot wings.

Then there's romantic date, and since this is for the hallmark-gone-wild holiday, I'll tell you that I have a date. Coming soon: a very panicked what-to-wear-for-your-first-valentine's-having-a-boyfriend post/to gender-bend or not to gender-bend.