Guess Who Is Turning One?


One year ago today I turned on my computer and forked over $26 to register and boy has a lot happened in these short 12 months.

In this wild year The Shoe Diet has:


Made a joke on the internet that sparked an idea with a business whiz. Lyndsey and I had no clue what we started would turn into an eight month long charity project from inception to the crazy 48 hours we spent shooting with Rhonda, until it was produced. It didn't feel like work and I got to crack the talented minds of who I'm lucky to call friends. Check out our hashtag #pinupforcharityhouston for all the outtakes on Instagram.


Threw my first Flock event and had it at Tootsies on my birthday. There were snakes, and not in accessories, but live, along with an African crested porcupine. A great juxtaposition in the luxury Art Deco retail space.


In what actually kept me away from booze and burgers for a solid week and a half, I went on my first time diet for the sake of a swimsuit shoot. I call it the bikini shoot diet, and if you add that + a spray tan + a hunky male model as well as Houston's prized fashion photographer Julie Soefer, you get something that's actually sexy. I'm so glad Julie thought of me as a candidate and can't wait to embarrass future children with the photos.


In a more clothed direction, Houstonia profiled me and asked me to do the styling. They wanted the big guns, so I brought overalls. The write up was by a really funny old friend, and the interview had us laughing too hard to be serious. I think you sense Sarah's funny bone in that article.


Threw a launch party with Lyndsey for our calendar, which was a great success, seeing as that there were two topless male models that Tootsies surprised us with. It was a total bummer Lynds was stuck in the hospital and couldn't be there for all the beef-cake-fun.


After kissing many frogs, I have hung up my single girl hat and snagged a new man. Vincent nicely enough has relented his watch-stealing and male-private-parts-attacking ways and let a man into our belly rubs and into our hearts.

Who knows what this next year'll bring, but I hope it's somewhat like this past one, in which I get to spend it with bad asses and working with their brilliant (and stylish!) minds.