Stripping & Charity


Me in my different stages of arctic-fox-robe-ing. That's Camella of Iko Iko Shop in the right hand corner who made the fab furry creation.

Not to be mistaken for stripping-for-pity!

I recently made a skimpy and calculated costume change for money. Normally when you shed your clothes for profit it's called stripping, but since I did it for charity, I think I found a loop hole, or I'm lying to myself.

Let me start at the beginning.

I'm on a board that raises money for the young professional group for the houston zoo (see: drinking + hanging out with zoo animals) and I had yet another hair brained idea - I wanted to guest bar tend with the most popular guy, and fellow animal lover I know, Sam. Really this incorporates a lot of dreams I have and excuses to do them - 1) make my own drinks behind a bar 2) wear a costume 3) collaborate with my bar-owning bros. I thought this was perfect, Sam used to bar tend and I'm sure I can figure it out (I totally can't.)

Luckily Sam is as enthusiastic as I am about the zoo, and even more about wearing wearing costumes, and in no time, we figured out what animals we were going to be (me - arctic fox, Sam - Siberian tiger.) We got the bars to agree to let us play cocktail-maker, in which we then promised to get TABC certified so no one would sue them, and everyone was a go.

Luckily they know how to work around armatures that only know how to pour wine and pop beer caps like myself, and got some kegs pre-made with their delicious concoctions. They let me name them so I went animal-costume-appropriate with The Fox Trot and Tiger Tail. No night of drinking is complete with out some competition (just go with it for story telling purposes) which led to Sam and I hard selling our own animals'-name-sake-beverages. We also placed a membership sign-up bet - which is where the disrobing comes in. We decided to show some skin and/or stripes if we hit our goal to 10 sign ups, which happened the last ten minutes of out shift.

Here's some dark and seedy snapshots of the zoo-ey event -


Sam and I getting behind the bar for the firts time approx 90 seconds before the event started. Fortunatly we are fast learners.


Sam Cole, the best animal dressed co-bar tender I could have asked for


Don't I look like a natural?


Hey look, it's Lyndsey!

I promise next time to get more action shots the next time I'm in a fur-kini. Now let's toast to a job well drunk.