Me + a label maker go together like Stevie Wonder and sunglasses.

The big O.

It's January and some people might make a point of hitting the gym and dedication themselves to other New Years resolutions, but I get off to this task. My blogging sister Lynds of HH&H battled in her recent post about organization - but for those of you that don't know me, methodizing belongings is one of my favorite past times - I've alphabetized records in the early morning hours of late night after parties, refolded and color code jeans at wine dinner parties, lined up makeup brushes at girlfriends' houses, etc. (don't you want to have me over?)But even I am not a perfectly organized angel, and when I had my old friend and a certain publication's creative director Michelle over for coconut water, I needed to make sure every corner of my place was well manicured.

Here are some recently discovered relics from my past that I unearthed before her visit. Pull up a seat and enjoy some very 90's throwbacks:


Prom - cornrows Ed.


A note from my kindergarten teacher


I betcha didn't know that jewelry-making class has homework


But really, not too much has changed since '98