A Southern Living Tour Of The Town


Me, Stephanie, and Diandra really enjoying ourselves and here is a grainy picture to prove it.

HERE I GO HERE I GO HERE I GO again GIRLS what's my weakness? MEN!! ok then, CHILLIN' CHILLIN' minding my business WORD!!

There's something about belting out Salt 'N' Pepa at the tops of your lungs in a drop top that can really bring two girls together, even if they're newly acquainted. In this post I describe giving a Houston tour to Stephanie Granada, writer for Southern Living (who is a BLAST by the way) from my convertible.

It's pretty normal for me to get invitations to go out hitting new bars any day of the week, it's kinda my recreational activity/source of entertainment to check out what's new in the way of cocktail establishments here in trill city, so when Diandra sent a showing-an-out-of-towner-around on a Tuesday text was normal, and looks like this if your friends are well versed in Emoji -


And you bet my response was going to be enthusiastic and dedicated -


Getting there I realized I had a writer in my midst who was writing an article on new bars in the south - something I'm gung-ho about! I got to tell her about the guys I call my big brothers, how they own the sickest bars in town, and show off my talent at giving high fives to my bar tending comrades. I soon begun a downtown walking tour where we poked our heads into The Pastry Wars, Goro & Gun, Little Dipper, La Caraf, and Warren's, where I bombarded her with introductions, then headed to the museum district to show off Grand Prize Bar, Low Brow, my apartment, and shoe collection.

Being the Houston enthusiast that I am, and not working my day job the next day, I offered to take Stephanie around a bit the following afternoon. We zipped along listening to 80's and 90's hits and talked about what Houston has to offer (everything.)

Here are some highlights from our day:


Stephanie at Discovery Green


I mean, we had to come here for the quintessential Texas bar.


Have y'all ever notice the rad wall paper (I hadn't)


We met Alice, who stopped to chat with us about what The Texan Drive Inn's history and transformations. So, cheers to new friends, even if they live as far away as Birmingham (a good reason for an Alabama trip) and Alice, who can serve you a good story and a beer as early as 10 a.m.