Making A Calendar: Phase Three - Let's Party!


Have I mentioned the calendar?

Now that we wrapped up production, you, friend and follower of The Shoe Diet, can have yours truly on your wall for the whole month of January 2014 as well as 15 other fashion hound-etts all the way through to January 2015. That's 13 months of fun y'all, and to celebrate and sell them to you Lyndsey and I have joined forces to put on a hell of a party.

Things you can eat/drink:

I've told you guys before about my awesome room mate Brad. We don't live together anymore, but we dubbed each other room-matez-4-life. He's the most fun person you'll ever meet and has a handful of bars to celebrate our friendship at. He and his booze experts/food whiz business partners have generated a cult-like following making the hippest bars in Houston - so I hit them up to be involved in our party. Easily one of the top people to have behind a bar, Justin Burrow of Capt. Foxheart's Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge, is creating a fancy fluted cocktail just for our party. He may or may not call his concoction The Calendar, but whatever it is, you can count on it being tasty. Also, Josh Martinez of Goro & Gun is coming up with a boozy cotton candy and is bringing one of his sugar spinning machines to make the stuff on site a la the circus. The highlight of all this planning was getting to hang out with him, Ryan, and a very pregnant Lyndsey, behind the bar of Grand Prize Bar, while spinning cotton candy, brainstorming about booze cocktail recipes that'll translate well into the fluffy stuff. Those guys are going to pour out bottles of liquor, dehydrate them, and mix them for us. Mix-cotton-ology is what I'm calling it. More things you can drink'll be another cocktail treat from booze expert and entrepreneur friend of ours, Chris Cusack of Down House, and a keg from local Buffalo Bayou Brewery And since you'll be drinking, we got some food from Pondicheri, and dessert from SWEET.

I could have called this post, Tamar Hits All Of Her Friends Up Cont...because truly, I have. Also, little known facts come up about my friends. Turns out my good friend, home neighbor, and work neighbor, Chance Hunter, is an expert piano boogie woog-iest and setting the mood with his talented home boys. Another compadre, Anne Marie Darcy, happens to have a transportable-mini-photography-studio that she's donating to us for the night for fantastic photo ops. It's good to know people - that have awesome lendable expertise.

Here are some relatable pics:

Cotton candy-ing at Grand Prize Bar


Lynds wins the best sugar spinner contest hands down


Introducing Leighton Zorich, A Couture Cause's youngest volunteer. Here's Alex Rosa pouring over the calendar's proof.

Speaking of proof, this is how many glasses of wine it takes to edit one:


Had to include this flattering text from this babe. A crème de la crėme of my calendar texts.