Instagram And Hurt Feelings #FOMO


Who here has been hurt by the Internet before?

Recently I got my feelings hurt in a classic got-caught-not-being-busy-when-I-said-I-was situation.

A friend who said they were "too hungover" to get drinks (isn't that the remedy anyway?) Instagramed a picture of my ex boyfriend's band playing a show during the alleged time of illness. It took all I had to refrain from making sarcastic comments like "sick, huh?" & "wow, I hope you didn't pay money to see that."

I was doubly insulted: not only was I not included, I was left out for the work(rock) of the most serious of all my exs. But why do I care? Aside from busting a friend in what seemed like a lie, that relationship ended before Beyonce even announced she was pregnant, (love you, B!) but he still gets an eye roll from me.

Should my friends always include me in everything, even if I would hate it? Nope. I mean they know I would be tortured by boredom at the symphony, and fidget all the way through a ballet. I'm sure they have friends, or grandmothers, to join them in those interests.

On the flip side of the coin, I get invited to every pop concert and Michael Jackson cover band that comes through town and I can easily say that I get invited to more special zoo events than the average non parent. I'm really not missing out. I mean, have you seen my Instagram?

I suppose we all feel left out sometimes, I just don't need the Internet to rub it in.