Is Moving Like Breaking Up?


Photography by Teresa Porter, me in my Houston Heights backyard. Read her blog post about my house and closet here.

If so, then it's over, Houston Heights! As my friends go through their breakups, I keep comparing it to my move : my 'hood and I spent so much time together, I really got to know it, and there is a lot of baggage getting out of our relationship.

I'm pretty much leaving my old, big, sagging apartment for a younger, sexier, hipper...and smaller one in my choice neighborhood (go me!) After 4 long (and sweet) years I'm throwing in the towel. Sure, I won't have a front or back yard for grill outs and slip and slide parties, but how many of those could I have anyway? Now I can host my outdoor gatherings at the park across the street from me, where L.A.R.P.ers go into combat a couple times a week. Exciting, convenient, and with 24 hour security, I'm looking forward to the next address. So, please join me for a cocktail and L.A.R.P. viewings soon.


Lancaster Place's newest resident