Making A Calendar, Phase Two

The funny thing is, this was supposed to be a fun little project, but I could use a calendar for the making of this calendar.


Photography by Rhonda Hunter, design by Alex Rosa

First I want to give kudos to Lyndsey for the planning and stamina to make this happen. We joke often how it's become her full time job.

This year my life transformed from me talking about boys, to me talking about fonts. No joke, when your friends are all amazing artists, you too should get a hair brained idea and collaborate with all of them to make it happen. My friends put up with me scribbling calendar ideas on cocktail napkins when we were out, requesting brainstorming sessions at tequila bar openings, and google imaging calendar layouts at clubs. I got to pick the minds of some talented and smart professionals and work one-on-one on this project with the people I normally drink with. They gave us a lot of ideas and not all of it was in official meetings. (Some of it was, I discovered the 8:30 am meeting) I urge you to exploit your social group for charity. It's been a blast.

Graphic Design

I'll proudly brag about how my good friend Alex Rosa transformed these non impressive and armature drawings into the image above. Scrapped for time, I sent him the lay out I wanted in a step-by-step text. Luckily, we think alike and found out we can communicate really well with terrible sketches.


Also, we set up a photo stream of fonts and layouts. I found inspiration everywhere.


PR/Launch Party

Lyndsey and I got to utilize the media networking of my friend Michael Mandola, someone who really *gets* what a great party is. It's thanks to him that we teamed up with The Orange Show which I had been wanting to get involved with. Now we're going to throw a hell of a burlesque party with them. Aside from setting that up, Michael has taught me a lot about media. How to write a press release, who to talk to, what to say, and who to mention. Also, he knows how to plan a fun party. Lyndsey and I had a lot of what we thought were brilliant ideas until we proposed it to friends and our party venue. After comments like "so Houston" "so everywhere" "no one thinks that's fun" and "no sequins" we have progressed a lot with some new exciting ideas.

Lyndsey doing some power planning:


Me costume shopping:


In conclusion, please pencil in our launch party.

Who: A Couture Cause What: A launch party for the sale of a high fashion calendar that gives 100 percent of proceeds to charity. Where: Tootsies, October 9th 6:30-8:30

See you there!