Hitching A Ride


Photography by Bregje Heinen. Not completely unlike what I look like in a cab.

Let's talk about drinking responsibly. My friends and I are pretty good about knowing when it's going to be one of those nights and plan accordingly with a paid sober driver (see Yellow Cab, not escorts). Hail the Hail A Cab app. Except it recently provided me with a "location undetermined" when I used it the other night, morning, whatever-after-drinking-time you wanna call it. So this this is a story that ends with me calling my dad at 2:30 am to pick me up outside a gay bar. I have to say, it's nice, but also pretty embarrassing to have your dad come to your rescue. Imagine that part of Clueless when Cher calls her step brother after she gets mugged, but more gay bar, and no mugging.

Just the weekend before I couldn't get a cab, but my friends and I had finished off a couple bottles of wine after deciding we were going to cab it. My dad happens to live in the hot new downtown neighborhood (he's such a stud) and when I called him tipsy for advice, he quickly offered to chauffeur us. I wish my dad could drop me off to the bar full time, but I think it would result in a very concerned parent if he knew how much I go out. After my run-ins with the unreliable Yellow Cab I'm feeling the need to create the worlds most chic and glamorous cab company. I have a vision of a fleet of flamingo pink cabs, with that glitter fringe that'll play the latest pop sensation between destination. No one yet has wanted to back me on this concept, so I'm only hoping someone else comes up with something else fun.