Health & Fitness


Photography by Julie Soefer

Look, it's me 12 pounds ago! That's the face of someone very hungry and thus really pissed.

I've taken a month off from my 3-4 times a week pop-music-blasting workout regimen for two reasons: 1) I went to New York to hang out for a couple of weeks (see: booze, too busy brunching) 2) I strained my groin, and not by the way of anything fun like my friends laugh about. I pulled it carrying my luggage. A strained groin is a real thing that feels like you are slowly dying from an intestinal abnormality, and walk around like someone's drunk grandmother.

A big thanks to the fashion gods that it's almost Fall and there aren't any more bikini photo shoots, (that really happened and here's a link to prove it) but I miss blasting Britney on the treadmill. Also, the gym I just switched to is filled with young, hot, straight guys and I'm missing the scenery. Whatever the cause, I used to get my heart rate up when I would go and I'm having to brainstorm on low-groin- impact excessive activities. If you know of any, let a girl know.