The Fish-Pond Cliché


Is to better to be a big fish in a small pond, or a minnow in a vast ocean?

In an abstract way, I'm pro/con listing living in a style epicenter. Maybe since I'm vacationing (see: relaxed, fun) I love getting dressed to go out in LA and NY. My outfits can be unrestrained like last night: chunky heels, cargo shorts, with my bra very exposed. I don't know what I was going for, but who cares? I mean, who can separate who's making an ass of themselves from who's making a 'statement?' In an unrelated conversation, something akin to this comes up. I'm having coffee with an friend in her current neighborhood,Williamsburg, and we're debating dating in NY versus anywhere else. My coffee mate brings up the profound point "Do you know how hard it is to get noticed here?" This friend is no wallflower. She towers nearly six feet, is stacked, with one of those infectious throw-your-head-back pealing laughs. I wondered: what does it take to turn heads here (Eyes widened with astonishment and terror)!? So let me ask the rhetorical question: would you rather make a splash in a smaller city, or live amongst the hip and glamorous?