Blogging & Dating


I'm on day 6 of the viral bound personal blog project: They came up with a suck-you-in premise of a project: a couple of long time friends, who are artists, blog and illustrate going on dates everyday for forty days. It's cute, it's honest, and what has me is that it's respectful - probably because they were good friends for four years before taking on this project. Anyway, I applaud them, because its hard to write about dating.

That's why I haven't yet.

I get asked often about my love life and how to stay in the know if I'm not blogging about it. I've tried writing about it, but I can't seem to without: A. throwing some poor guy under the bus who maybe just wanted to grab a slice of pizza B. reliving some embarrassing awkward moment, or rejection C. most over, realizing no one wants to read about the nights spent alone eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos, drinking red wine on my sofa while watching design documentaries (who's a better date than yourself?!)

Also, people read this. Can I figure out how to tell a romance tale that I can stomach my parents, or boss, or subject of the story reading?

Is there a witty yet respectful way to write about that guy spending the night and waking up to find his wristwatch stolen by my cat (true story), or erotic Skype dates, or transatlantic Internet marriage proposals?Because they are great stories! Carrie Bradshaw, Man Repeller, and Doogie Howser can do it, butthey don't have my life to go back to.

So guys, at least for now, your secrets are safe from The Shoe Diet, and friends, meet me out for drinks if you want my romantic run down.

"Some things are better left unaddressed." Timothy Goodman,