An introduction to spray tanning

We all know the harm the sun causes, but the allure of a hazelnut skin hue is too tempting as spring approaches. I only get my spray on for very seldom occasion,  first vacation of the season being one of them.

A few things you should know about spray tanning

  • It doesn't protect you from the sun's rays
  • The chemical used to darken the skin has been approved by the FDA since 1977. It is dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, which is a colorless sugar that cross-links with the top layer of skin. The top layer cossets of mostly dead cells, and your tan will vanish as those cells shed.

  • You can't shower for at least 8 hours afterward, so choose your appointment time wisely. 
  • Also, choose your outfit wisely: you want something that won't rub, and that you don't mind staining. A black loose outfit is ideal.
  • Unless you find an organic spray tanner, you are going to reek for those next 8 hours. 

Those tips aside, I recommend using an organic salon, like Throwing Copper, if you're in HTX. It will smell delightful instead of hideous, hydrate you skin, and should cost the same amount. Remember, skin is your biggest organ (dirty thoughts aside) so don't coat it with harmful chemicals. Next, start out with the fairest color to your skin tone, you'll be surprised what difference a 'glow' will make, or get a personalized spray-tan-cocktail for your needs. Your airbrush-er will be able to concoct one for you.

Happy and safe tanning!