Under Arm Hair, Do We Care?


Let's discuss body hair. Are fashion babes donning statements other than bags under their arms?

We know that personal grooming styles can shift in popularity, just reference a 70's Playboy, so would you alter the route your razor makes if there was a different trend in body hair? It turns out a lot of women are. There are countless articles, from selfies in China to London ladies' "arm-bush ambush". But this can be a long standing stance you might have on the subject, with yourself, others, or both. Be it hair grooming, piercings, cosmetics, etc, people have been altering their appearance since probably close to the beginning of time, changing of course from culture to culture. These manipulations of course don't absolutely dictate the standard of beauty, but have some influence, especially over time. Some grooming habits we have began as biological ideals, like full (head) hair correlating to youth, perhaps hairlessness to feminity. I hope, but can't imagine the ' hairless female ideal changing soon. I hope it does. For myself and these two underarms , I may wait until after autumn sets in and I get acclimated to my new hair adaptation in the privacy of my own apartment. Will you be getting fuzzy?

*Disclosure- I don't remember the artist for the graphic above because I saved it a long time ago, but I love it, so if you're the artist let me know so I can credit you! (and please don't sue me)