Let's Talk Hair!


The product of a fun filled hair week.

This week has been one filled with amazing hair opportunities.

First, I cashed in on a drawing I won months ago: a big night out on the town with an old friend of mine, who's now an expert hair stylists who owns one of the nicest salons here in Houston, Shyn Salon. The evening included a hair cut, style, makeup application, dinner, and drinks with my friend. I was really, really, excited - this was like an all around fun-time lottery. Here I had won the date of all dates. I made sure to cash this at an important occasion seeing as that I don't have professional help grooming myself a lot, and scheduled our rendezvous before an event we were both attending for Flock; Houston zoo's young supporters.


Hair, check.


Makeup, check.


Party, check.

Next came a second cashing in - something I have been begging another friend, Jon Chao of Cutloose to do for years: give me a perm. Everyone told me not yo do it, except some of the coolest people I know, which leads me to believe it's a really really cool, esoteric, undiscovered-trend, thing to do. Either way, there's only one way to find out.


It was an adventure, with the top, black and white picture being the final product.